Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program » Salzburg Cutler Fellows » 2012-13

Columbia Law School

Abiola Fasehun: On ways the international community can advance the agenda of limiting the global temperature rise while also supporting clean development in Africa

Nathaniel Lai: On the recent case of Nada v Switzerland (12 Sept 2012), a decision of the European Court of Human Rights that continues and develops the line of cases in Europe on implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions

Angela Lee: On whether or not U.S. securities acts' information disclosure regimes adequately compel Chinese State-Owned Enterprises to reveal sufficient background to allow potential investors to make an informed decision

Sam Levander: On the issue of “dynamic interpretation” in the UNCITRAL draft rules on transparency in investor-state disputes

Sarah Saadoun: An exploration of two areas of inquiry: (1) the conditionalities and monitoring/enforcement mechanisms that the major Corporate Social Responsibility certifications entail; and (2) the interaction between private and public regulatory systems

Georgetown University Law Center

Melanie Benesh: On how arbitration panels have treated the public purpose exception

Ziyi Huang: On the possibility of empowering international law with a greater role in resolving the South China Sea disputes

James E. Perry: On international investment and national security

Matt Smallcomb: On the evolution of capital market sanctions (CMS) as a supplement or workaround to bilateral and multilateral trade agreements on financial services

Robert Stewart: On routes toward a series of international agreements on net neutrality

Harvard Law School

Ashley Belyea: On the role of legally defined processes during the transition in South Sudan and identifying interplay between stakeholders and elements of existing and proposed constitutional text for the Republic of South Sudan

Samuel Birnbaum: On the interaction between the international laws proscribing human trafficking and domestic legal regimes

Natascha Born: “The Role of Injunctive Relief in Investment Arbitration”

Andrew Mamo: On the norms of accountability and responsibility in the spheres of international criminal law and history

Derrick Sutter: “Myanmar’s Foreign Investment Law”

NYU School of Law

Christopher de Laubenfels: On the use of mediations in the resolution of human rights abuses

Akiva Fishman: Means to inform the drafting process by compiling regulations governing private forested land in selected countries that, like Liberia, have substantial standing forest

Emily Kenney: “Developing a Gender Methodology for the Commission of Inquiry”

Julianne Marley: An examination of how the particular interpretive difficulties of MFN status in the context of investment tribunals lead to a problem of discretion – in other words, how interpretive problems give rise to institutional problems

Douglas Petersen: On the theoretical construction of a development-oriented Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) trade preferences program at an international and multilateral level

Stanford Law School

Ryan Harper: “Article 51 in Today’s World: What Should Really Count as an “Armed Attack?”

Sam Jacobson: An investigation of how blueprints for charter cities and villages—often created, or at least sponsored, by Western scholars and financial backing—work in practice

David Lazarus: An assessment of the merits of the Kurdish peoples’ claims for an independent state in light of the relevant judicial decisions, Security Council resolutions, and operative legal standards in this area of the law, and compare the strength of their case against other examples of national minorities that have asserted the right to self-determination

Neal Sawhney: An exploration of the evolving international legal definition of terrorism

Lori Weekes: A look at whether customary humanitarian law affords different levels of protection to cultural heritage than it does to civilian property generally

University of Chicago Law School

Eric Alston: “Drafting Costs, Legislative Deferral and Oversight Mechanisms in Recent African Constitutions”

David King: On theories of International Tribunals

Karen Leung: On individuals as rightless and immigration

Megan O’Neill: On statutes criminalizing child soldiers and potential enforcement issues

Christine Ricardo: On the impact of the Yogyakarta principles on foreign policies

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Audrey M. Banks: On the development of improved integrated early warning systems in shaping policy and operations related to human rights and humanitarian issues

Francesco de Prospero: “New Challenges Faced by Central Bankers and the Role of the Rating Agencies. When Supranational Consensus and International Regulation are a Necessity”

Eric Lorber: “The War Powers Resolution and Offensive Cyber Operations: Can Existing Legislation Successfully Constrain Presidential Warmaking Power?”

Lucy Seyfarth: “ICC Investigation During Ongoing Conflicts: the Benefits and Costs”

Sikha Silliman: “From Honor Killing to Sexual Autonomy: Lawyering in the Transition from Customary Norms to Constitutional Law”

University of Virginia School of Law

Jim Manning: An exploration of issues relating to the United States’ maneuvering within the UN in response to Palestine’s actions

Emily Ponder: On the bounds of enforcing the right to “free, prior, and informed consent” (FPIC) through international trade law

Melissa Reilly-Diakun: On the particularly problematic criterion that must be satisfied under the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine before intervention is justified, that of having reasonable prospects for success

Kendra Wergin: A case for convicting Mladić of genocide

Yale Law School

Justin Accomando: “The Lazarus Option: Presidential Enforcement of Dead Treaties”

Christina Koningisor: “Military Crowd-sourcing and the Principle of Distinction”

Michael Shih: “Not this port in the storm: climate litigation and the law of the sea”

Tina Thomas: On recognition and Libyan NTC

Jacob Victor: “Due Process in War:” The Rise of Operational Law and its Implications